FEINFEIN. About us

We are experts in creating cufflinks that tell personal stories.

Our brand

The FEINFEIN story began in 2012 as a continuation of the jewelry business of goldsmith enthusiasts - Maria Kuboszek and Tomasz Woźniak. The couple, who at that time were running the women's jewelry brand Andy Pop., decided to create another brand with a niche offering of men's jewelry. This idea was a response to requests from female customers who were looking for elegant, personalized gifts for their loved ones, which were not available in standard store offers.

The leading product of FEINFEIN has become cufflinks. The idea of ​​personalization with hand-cut designs has proven to be a path of development that is still continued today. The brand's offer meets the needs of both individual and business customers from Poland, Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia, and Australia.

FEINFEIN's shiny pieces are always created individually and delivered to various places around the world. They become a part of life events, highlighting relationships in a personal way, celebrating moments, and building memories. They become gifts that carry emotions. These keepsakes are made to last.

Our brand

Philosophy and values

The heart of FEINFEIN beats in a goldsmith workshop, a place full of silver dust and the sounds of saws, files, and tools that accompany the craft work. Our intimate team of experts focuses on quality and precision to ensure our customers have an unforgettable experience with the final product. Equally important as the product itself is the comprehensive service, based on individual advice and communication during the design process.

FEINFEIN's specialization in niche accessories sets the main direction for our development, while firmly distancing ourselves from mass production. All of our products are accompanied by a craftsmanship process. We use manual, traditional goldsmithing techniques, enriching our workshop with engraving technology, which allows us to reproduce corporate logos, individual graphics, or handwritten text onto cufflinks. 

What are FEINFEIN's values?

  • Passion - a love for individualism and avoiding conventional patterns. The word "fein" refers to nobility, precision, and the highest quality. The double use of this term in the name reflects our attitude towards both the product and the complementary service that we provide for our customers. We work with passion and find meaning in what we do. 
  • Development - we constantly strive to develop ourselves by implementing innovative ideas and projects that ultimately give our customers a sense of uniqueness and class. We are developing organically, drawing conclusions and valuable lessons. Today, we are in a completely different place than we were a decade ago. Where will we be in the next one? Stay with us, we will surprise you!
  • Efficiency - we do not create seasonal collections, nor do we make designs in advance, which allows us to avoid frozen inventory and overproduction. We make products to order, for you, by listening to your needs. 
  • Responsibility - it works on many levels - for the products we create, for our commitments to our customers, for our colleagues, for the environment. We chose silver for a reason - we sweep up silver filings, even from the floor, and reuse them in a circular system, so we don't generate any material waste in the manufacturing process.. 
  • Confidence - we run our business ethically and make every effort to be trustworthy partners both within our company and among our customers from all over the world. 
  • Courage - to act in our own way, to listen to intuition, and to take risks.
Philosophy and values

The joy of gifts

It was the perfect purchase. The seller was super quick in answers and tips. You can tell that they work with love here. Highly recommended. Thanks for this great purchase Tom and all the best!

24 dec 2022

Beautiful craftsmanship and got it to me really quick- needed for a birthday present.

25 feb 2023

sehr schöne Qualität, sehr schönes Aussehen

22 feb 2023

This was a gift for my husband on our wedding day and he loves it!

11 nov 2022

Excellent results. It was a gift & the person who received it loved it. Thank you!!

31 oct 2022

Zdumiewający! Excellent artistry and superb customer service. Very interactive and attentive. I had no challenges and the item arrived when we discussed. The bookmark is beautiful. Thank you FeinFein!

30 oct 2022

Just as described. Love this. Thank you again!

6 mar 2023

The customer service was amazing ! Tom reached out straight away after my order , showed me the design and making sure I was happy with it as well as asking when I needed the item by , due to Christmas rush. He made sure to make the custom order and dispatched the item on time. He even post it express for me as he knew I wanted it by Christmas. The item quality was amazing as beyond expected as it is even better in person ! Highly recommend! Thanks Tom

28 dec 2022

They made silver cufflinks from a design that I submitted. The final results exceeded my expectations! The cufflinks are very finely crafted and look absolutely beautiful! I will wear them with pride!

9 nov 2022

The recipient was pleasantly surprised at the presentation, packaging and quality.

30 dec 2022