Generally, we require about 2 weeks for order processing. However, the actual processing time may vary. Why? Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, for which our products are often chosen, are usually tied to specific event dates. We strive to accommodate the dates provided by our customers. However, it's not always possible, especially during peak shopping periods like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the wedding season. If you have a specific delivery date in mind, we recommend contacting us to discuss the feasibility before that date.

NO. If you want to receive the design before making the payment for the order, you can simply send us a message specifying the pattern you would like to see. You will make the payment when you receive the design from us and approve it.

The possibility of return applies to products that have been made without your personalization. This means that the product does not have individual features such as initials or engravings. In the case of personalized designs made based on individual customer's projects and specifications, the right to return does not apply. More information on this topic can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

We do not keep a stock of ready-made designs nor do we have products available for immediate shipping. If you plan on selecting a design without customization, we will make it after the purchase is made.

The adopted strategy aligns with one of our values, which is sustainable development. By producing products on demand, we completely avoid the problem of overproduction, we do not freeze materials, and we do not have to organize sales to "clear out" the warehouse. We are confident that we are creating exactly as many products as the market and our customers need at any given time.

925 silver is our only material for making cufflinks. We also use a gold-plated version. 

Among the designs available in our collections, most of the products can be personalized to suit individual style preferences. For designs with initials, customization options include the choice of letters, font style, surface finish, and individual engraving.

Bespoke - means completely individual. Designs that are entirely individually made from scratch to meet the specific requirements. Based on your graphic motif, logo, or unique symbol. Show us your inspiration, tell us about your idea, and we will suggest which of our techniques we can use to create something just for you. More information can be found in the "Individual designs" tab."

The price of our products is influenced by various factors that arise from the nature of our business, such as income tax, 23% VAT, salaries, and a range of fixed and variable costs. The level of our prices is also determined by our adopted strategy, which revolves around a manual and individual process for each order.

We do not create seasonal or mass-produced collections, nor do we duplicate designs through molds or machine cutting. We invest several hours of work into crafting each individual order. As a result, we do not sell a large quantity of products. Our company's income is based not on sales volume, but on the nature and quality of our products. The more time-consuming and demanding a particular design is to create, the higher its price.

Packaging complements every piece of jewelry. We send the finished product in a decorative box with the FEINFEIN branding and we also include a bag so the item is ready to be presented as a gift. Inside the box, there is a certificate of authenticity regarding the handmade nature and materials. Upon request, we can print a short dedication in the form of a tag placed inside the box.